Who We Serve

The Young People We Help

Two young women seated on a sofa giving each other a high five while smiling broadly.
Illustration: The illustration shows two young ladies on the cusp of high-fiving one another. They seem to be celebrating in a moment of repose, seated on a couch. There is a row of big, wide windows behind and above them. The composition ends at their knees. The view is at an angle focusing on the young lady on “screen left.” She is a young black woman with long beautiful dreadlocks inspired by the lovely ladies who host the podcast “Two Dope Queens.” She’s bright eyed and savvy. She wears eyeglasses and smiles. She’s appears to be someone who doesn’t high five on a regular basis, but she’s having fun doing so. She has a light-colored hoodie on that is unzipped. Underneath she sports a t-shirt with three multi-toned stripes across her chest. She has jeans on with a hole in her screen left knee. They are in their mid- to late-teens. The girl on “screen-right” in the foreground is faced profile towards the other girl. She is Asian, with long flowing hair and short bangs. She has a long-sleeved dress shirt on with a buttoned-up collar. She is exuberant and instigating the high five. Her right hand is midway to the high five and is arching forward. Her left foreground hand is raised in the air. She leans forward with excitement. Her mouth is open and smiling, and her eyes are shut with thick lashes. She appears to be bracing herself for the “high-five” slap. She has dark colored pants on. Both ladies are fit. The artwork is a clear demonstration of well-being and exudes that feeling.
Our intention is to serve homeless young people in the San Francisco area who have been shunted between different group homes—the unfortunate victims of a sometimes ineffectual homeless care system that fails to recognize the primary need these young people have for stability.

A Dignified Home wants to offer youth, ages 12 to 24, a unique and permanent place to live, grow and blossom toward independence. This population of young people has often been bounced from one unstable housing situation to another, and has adopted an unfortunate modus operandi mired in fear, defensiveness, and mistrust.

We intend to put a stop to that. An individual cannot flourish, grow and achieve success and happiness if their most fundamental need for a safe, stable home is unrealized.

We want to provide young people with not just a safe haven, but a stable, sustainable one that they can call home forever after.

Get Involved


Your support makes us what we are! Our goal is to never let grant requirements force us to have to ask a young person to leave our facility. Instead, we strive to keep all of our funding unconditional and not subject to displacements or quotas. At the core of that philosophy is your help. Please donate today!


You can make a major difference in the lives of our youth by getting involved. With your direct help, A Dignified Home can thrive and your immense impact will create positive change for these young people forever after.