“Step Up” to Help Others Find Their Way Home

“Find Your Way Home” Walk-a-Thon is a great step toward helping our mission …

A grandmother and granddaughter walk together. They are seen in full body from the front. They are in mid-stride. They wear sportswear. The grandma has her hair up and wears glasses that are slightly cat eye shaped, with an academic feel. She has a long-sleeve T-shirt under a T-shirt. The T-shirt holds the “A Dignified Home” logo. She wears sporty jogging pants and stylish runners with technical flare. The grandmother, on the left, tenderly grasps her granddaughter’s right hand, cupping it to her stomach. She embraces her granddaughter while leading her on. Her expression is joyful. The granddaughter looks at her grandmother with a smile. It feels as if they’re in a moment of gratitude, happy to be with one another. The granddaughter has straight shoulder length hair with bangs. She has elf-like features. Both grandma and granddaughter are of Japanese descent. The granddaughter wears a hoodie with an open zipper revealing her A Dignified Home T-shirt underneath. She has shorts on over tights, and wears shoes similar to her grandmother—sporty and fun.

Our “Find Your Way Home” Walk-a-Thons are a living opportunity to proactively experience what A Dignified Home is all about. When you or your team take part, you’ll not only increase awareness of our important mission—and generate key contributions—you’ll understand the camaraderie and marvelous sense of community that makes A Dignified Home a great organization. With our Walk-a-Thons people gain the chance to band together as one, simultaneously building a better future for young people.


Everyone is invited to take part. There are many different roles to be played. And participants, of course, are the most important ingredients in the effort. We urge everyone to come out and show support. People can create teams that include coworkers, friends and families, and make it a big group effort. They’re also invited to walk as individuals and take this terrific opportunity to meet new friends.

Get Started

Click on the link below to become a valuable volunteer with A Dignified Home… We’ll answer all your questions, provide any necessary training or background checks relevant to working with our young people, and welcome you into our growing family of dedicated, hard-working and heart-focused volunteers …