Privacy Statement

Our commitment to privacy

A Dignified Home Children and Youth Services is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality regarding the constituent information that we collect, use, maintain, and disclose. This privacy standard protects the privacy of constituent information in accordance with federal and state privacy laws, A Dignified Home’s contractual obligations, and our constituents’ reasonable expectations of privacy.

Constituent information is used and disclosed only for A Dignified Home’s mission-related activities and operations, and in other limited circumstances such as when required for law enforcement or for public health activities. In addition, use and disclosure of constituent information is limited to a “minimum necessary” standard, except in certain situations specified by law. Other uses and disclosures of constituent information, including disclosures to third parties, shall not generally occur unless the constituent provides their consent. Constituents may exercise the rights granted to them under this privacy policy free from any intimidating or retaliatory acts.

What Does A Dignified Home Collect?

A Dignified Home collects personal information whenever you contact us, when you visit our office, when you use A Dignified Home services, when you visit A Dignified Home Web pages or the pages of certain A Dignified Home partners, when you make a donation to A Dignified Home and when you register for A Dignified Home events. We also collect personal information when you are referred to us by another organization for support services.

Below are general categories of information that we collect. All information that you provide to A Dignified Home is voluntary.

Contact information. We may ask for contact information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, and contact preferences. We collect this information so that we may: keep you informed about A Dignified Home, invite you to upcoming A Dignified Home events in your area ,or inform you of volunteer or other opportunities to support A Dignified Home’s mission. We may also use this information to provide you with housing-related information or to follow-up on a request for services from A Dignified Home. We consider this information private and limit how it is used and disclosed.

Demographic information. We may ask for limited demographic information such as your gender, race or ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, or primary language. This information is used to help us to better understand the individuals we serve or to better communicate with you. We consider this information private and limit how it is used and disclosed.

Health information. If you contact A Dignified Home seeking housing information, request support from A Dignified Home, or attend a A Dignified Home event, then we may ask for limited information such as your current living situation, gender, and date of berth. We use this information to help us better serve you and to refer you to appropriate housing resources and support services if A Dignified Home was unable to serve you. We treat this information as confidential.

Financial information. If you make a donation to A Dignified Home, then we may ask for financial information such as a credit card number or financial account numbers. This information allows us to process your donation. We consider this information confidential.

Research information. If you inquire about (or enroll in) a Dignified Home research study, then we may collect information from you related to the study or studies. Research participant data is maintained in a secure, restricted environment and can only be accessed for research purposes. We treat this information as confidential.

Other information. Depending on the reason for your communication with A Dignified Home, we may collect other personal information from you. For example, if you contact A Dignified Home to donate your automobile to us, then we may ask for your vehicle’s identification number. We consider this information private and limit its access, use, and disclosure to those parties who are related to the program or service.

Personal Information on Minors. A Dignified Home does not intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of twelve (12). A Dignified Home will delete any personal information collected that we later determine to be from an individual younger than the age of twelve (12)if written parental consent has not been obtained.

How does A Dignified Home protect your information?

A Dignified Home has adopted a number of recognized standards to protect the privacy of your information, and we have provided a description and an example of these standards below. However, not every particular use or disclosure in every category will be listed.

We restrict and protect how your information is used. We have guidelines which limit access only to those who have a reasonable need to use your information. We will use your information for purposes related to your original inquiry or request. For example, if you ask for housing-related information to be emailed to you, then we will use your name and email address to email the information to you. In addition, we may also use your information for mission-related activities, management and administration, or to carry out our legal responsibilities. For example, we may use your information to identify a local event that we believe may be of interest to you and invite you to that event. We may also contact you to inform you of additional programs and services available to you or of to inform you of volunteer or other opportunities, including fundraising, to support A Dignified Home’s mission.

If you are referred to A Dignified Home through another nonprofit, we will use your information only to provide you with the programs or services you have requested, unless you consent to receiving communication(s) regarding additional resources or opportunities. However, if you have an existing relationship with A Dignified Home at the time of referral, we will honor your current contact preferences.

We restrict and protect how your information is disclosed. On occasion, we may have a need to disclose your information to third parties. We make every attempt to protect these disclosures. For example, we may hire other companies to provide limited services on our behalf. When we do share with third parties, we only provide those companies or individuals the information that they need to deliver the service to you. We prohibit them from using that information for any other purpose. We also require them to have strong privacy protections for the information that we disclose to them

A Dignified Home also reserves the right to share your information with governmental agencies or other companies if needed to assist us in electronic crimes investigation. We would only do so when permitted or required by law and we are trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential unauthorized access to your data or investigating unauthorized access which has already taken place.

We Value our Donors. A Dignified Home respects the privacy of its donors and is committed to protecting the security of donor information and to honoring our donors’ choices for the use of their information. This policy applies to all donor information received by A Dignified Home, both online and offline, on A Dignified Home Web site or any electronic, written, or oral communications.

When you make a donation to A Dignified Home, we collect personal information from you that may include: your name, address, telephone number, and/or e-mail address. We use this information for purposes such as sending you a receipt and thanking you for your donation as well as informing you about news, upcoming fundraising events and other activities of A Dignified Home.

A Dignified Home also may receive financial information such as a credit card number or financial account numbers necessary to process your donation. We process your donation securely using measures that comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”), the credit card industry’s most stringent security standard. Examples of our security measures include: physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards; sophisticated security monitoring tools; documented security policies; use of strong encryption (e.g., TLS) for credit card processing; restricted access to personally identifiable information; and we perform, periodic security audits to confirm the strength of our security program.

On occasion, we may share donor contact information with third party companies that are conducting charitable sales promotions to benefit A Dignified Home. These third party companies may use your contact information for communications and marketing purposes that support our mission and activities. You are under no obligation to respond and the companies are restricted from using your contact information for any other purpose. No health information is used or disclosed in connection with these promotions.

From time to time, A Dignified Home may also share donor names and mailing addresses with other reputable nonprofit organizations on a limited basis in exchange for limited access to the names and addresses of their constituents. We have found this to be a cost effective method of reaching additional potential constituents. These organizations will not have continued access to your name and address unless you choose to respond to their initial mailing. We do not share email addresses or health related data in connection with this list exchange.

We respect our donors’ choices and control over their information. You, as a donor may, at any time, have your name excluded from any donor list exchange activity. To ask that your name be excluded from list exchange activity or to otherwise change how A Dignified Home contacts you, please email us at

Aside from the disclosures described in this Privacy Statement, A Dignified Home will only disclose your information to third parties upon your consent or at your direction.

We have strong computer security protections. For our electronic data, we have “industry standard” physical, technical, and procedural safeguards to protect your information. These standards meet our legal or contractual requirements and ensure your electronic data is as secure as practical.

We conduct privacy training and education programs. We require all staff to receive training on privacy and how to protect your information. We also require staff to sign a pledge of confidentiality to further support our commitment to privacy. In many cases, we extend this requirement to our volunteers.

We mitigate (lessen the harm of) any breach of privacy/confidentiality. We have a data incident response process to reduce any harm to you resulting from a breach of your privacy.

What are your rights?

The right to access your information. Under our privacy policy, you have the right to (upon request) see your contact and other information that we maintain about you. The description will be sent via postal mail which we believe is the most secure method of communication. Further, we will respond to requests for updates or changes to your personal information. Contact us by email or in writing at the address below.

The right to request restrictions. We recognize that you may wish to limit the ways in which we contact you, and we offer the following options for restricting internal and external sharing of your contact information:

1. Do not contact me by telephone.

2. Do not contact me by postal mail.

3. Do not contact me by email.

4. Do not share my contact information with other nonprofit organizations.

5. Do not contact me for fundraising requests supporting A Dignified Home Children and Youth Services.

6. Do not contact me.

If you opt back into a specific service, you will receive communication in that manner regardless of your overall opt out selections. For example, if you request a newsletter subscription, we will provide you that subscription, even if you previously asked us not to contact you at all. Or if you ask us a question using the “Contact Us,” feature of the website, we may respond via email, even if you had had previously asked us not to contact you by email. We will take all reasonable efforts to ensure that your opt out selections are otherwise honored. In addition, if you are an active participant in A Dignified Home event, you may to receive emails related to that event regardless of your overall opt out selections. If you do not wish to receive emails about that event, please opt out using the “unsubscribe” link provided in the communication.

For more Information or to report a problem

If you have a question, wish to notify us of any desired restrictions, or believe your privacy rights have been violated, then submit your inquiry or file your complaint with us using the contact information below. To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before providing information or making corrections. There will be no retaliation for filing a complaint.

Telephone: 1-415-513-5888

Postal Mail:
575 Naples St., Apt B San Francisco CA 94112    

Last Updated: 12/6/17