Life Skills

Dignity demands skills for living well and you can help teach them …

A young man teaches and cooks along side a young girl. They are shown from the front. They are preparing ingredients for a salad. We see the table top in the lower frame holding the cutting boards and a plethora of vegetables. We see them from the waist up. The line work tapers off like a sketch before hitting the edge of the composition. They could be Caucasian. The young girl on screen left looks downward while talking and is in the middle of cutting a pepper with a small knife. She has a T-shirt on, her hair is long, and you could maybe say she feels a bit like a tomboy. Her teacher looks to be in his mid-thirties. He has a modern style, with academic glasses with a retro appeal. He feels a little bit like a young Mr. Rogers from TV, and evokes a wholesome goodness. He wears a sweater with a dress shirt underneath. He looks to his student observing, smiling, possibly mid-conversation, holding an avocado and ready to pass it to her for slicing. A bowl of avocados and a lush flowery head of lettuce rest before him. In front of the cutting board staring from screen left are 6 tomatoes on their vine, another pepper, a huge bunch of broccoli, and two more ornate-looking bell peppers.

It’s simply not enough for a flower to find it’s way out of the soil; in order to live it needs to unfold its colorful petals and celebrate the sunshine of living. The same is true for the wonderful young people who come to know A Dignified Home as their place. We want to see them expanding in every way possible in order to live life to its fullest.

Caring help is needed to introduce them to—and instruct them in—some of the skills necessary to conducting a good, sound life. Many are things you and I take for granted, but they can remain an intimidating mystery to those who were denied that initial learning experience. That’s why some of our young people need patient mentors to instruct them with certain life skills—everything from rudimentary hygiene habits, to self-help skills requisite for independent living, such as cooking, home finance and job hunting.

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