I’ve Been There!

Share your time, heart and personal experience to make lives better

A middle aged handsome man holds a microphone and is in the middle of a speech. He is drawn from the waist up. The line work tapers off like a sketch before hitting the edge of the composition. He could be interpreted to be African American. Although he is smiling and his eyes stare out into the audience with brilliance and curiosity, his face shows a little wear due to age or experience. He had a full beard, and small Afro. He wears a denim jacket, and wedding band in his left hand, which grasps the microphone. His right hand gesticulates, reaching out into the air as if grasping at the intangible.  Political Interest Illustration: A woman in her thirties raises her arms to the sky holding a protest sign with the A Dignified Home logo at the top of the sign covering 60% of the sign real estate. Below it are written the words “Everyone Deserves a Dignified Home,” in outlined letters that look as if someone drew them by hand. She is drawn from chest upwards, facing front. The camera looks upwards with a slight angle towards the sign. The line work tapers off like a sketch before hitting the edge of the composition. Her face is serious and defiant. She could be interpreted as Hispanic. She has long hair, parted in the middle going behind her ears and continuing down her back. Her biceps are lightly defined to evoke her strength. Her lips are full, yet stern. Her eyes are dead serious. The nails on her hands are manicured and long. She wears a plain T-shirt. She is a great combination of strength, beauty, and practicality.

If an urgent & valuable message stays corked in a bottle out at sea, no one can benefit. And unless you’re able to share the story of your success in overcoming the disadvantages of homelessness, things may not change for others who are stuck in that same boat.

There’s no putting a price on the tremendous value of sharing—especially at the level of public outreach. A Dignified Home needs—and rightly honors—those who are able to honestly & boldly recount firsthand the intense details of their intimate struggles and challenges met while being homeless. More importantly, we—and the general public—need to hear success stories like yours. They foster hope & inspiration. Your story, your remarkable journey in overcoming adversity, conveys more than all the sterile statistics about homelessness ever will …

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