Help Change Homelessness Legislation

Put your political interest and acumen to use to aid those who are homeless …

A woman in her thirties raises her arms to the sky holding a protest sign with the A Dignified Home logo at the top of the sign covering 60% of the sign real estate. Below it are written the words “Everyone Deserves a Dignified Home,” in outlined letters that look as if someone drew them by hand. She is drawn from chest upwards, facing front. The camera looks upwards with a slight angle towards the sign. The line work tapers off like a sketch before hitting the edge of the composition. Her face is serious and defiant. She could be interpreted as Hispanic. She has long hair, parted in the middle going behind her ears and continuing down her back. Her biceps are lightly defined to evoke her strength. Her lips are full, yet stern. Her eyes are dead serious. The nails on her hands are manicured and long. She wears a plain T-shirt. She is a great combination of strength, beauty, and practicality.

A Dignified Home needs the zeal and vehement commitment of people like you to work in the legislative trenches. If we’re really going to augment change in the world—in particular the area of homelessness—we need to guide & change our laws. We’re looking for conscious warriors like you to take the righteous battle to state and local governments in order to fight for justice.


Whether you have specific political or legal skills, or a background working with legislation or politics, or whether you’re just highly motivated to get involved and help, please come pitch in. This is a special opportunity to meld your interests and abilities with a much-needed mission.

Get Started

Click on the link below to become a valuable volunteer with A Dignified Home… We’ll answer all your questions, provide any necessary training or background checks relevant to working with our young people, and welcome you into our growing family of dedicated, hard-working and heart-focused volunteers …